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When will the fantasy end?

I was done with this blog. I probably still am. But a comment and a song sparked a random, yet important post. Well, important to me at least. The site disappeared for a year didn’t it? It was off on its own version of a Ricky Williams’ pot infested disappearance. A lot of growing up happened. Struggles and hard times came knocking. Maturity kicked in, bringing in a different view on how to do things.

We all have to man up sometimes. And when I’m talking about “manning up”, I’m not just talking about finishing that last beer, or growing a pair and approaching that lady that caught your eye when you walked in the building. (Well maybe a little of the second one.) I’m talking about getting your priorities in line. I’m talking about actually being a MAN. Or WOMAN.

When you start doing things for a purpose. Maybe for a certain cause, or maybe just for yourself. Either or, we start thinking differently, we start talking differently. Having that positive attitude in no matter what situation. We work hard! In order to be satisfied at the end of the day.

Some people have had that embedded in them since the beginning. The ones that don’t screw around and always get it done at the very top of their ability. The mature ones. Who know how to talk to anybody and get a positive reaction. Those people, I applaud them. Either their parents taught them this, or they made up the decision to start implementing it at a younger age. For others, it sometimes takes a real life situation, or a disappointment, to get them going… Some never change.



I feel as some people think I rep the Vall too much. But what else can I say, So What? Thats really my only answer. For everyone out in our region I got one thing to say. Lets be more open-minded. Please? Lets “man up” and be a part of everything that is going on. Instead of staying at a stand still, let’s go ahead and prosper.

And there are so many of us out there. So many that want to see our area grow towards the right direction. It is up to us to make this happen. There are a tremendous amount of people who complain about how the Rio Grande Valley is a boring, uneventful place to live. Residents and former residents are always trying to find a reason to say something negative about the RGV. Can we stop adding more negativity to our region?

Don’t be afraid of a single thing. Don’t be impressed by anything. Always stay hungry for more. We HAVE to be selfish sometimes. Don’t agree with everything that people say. There will probably be critics out there talking about this. But who cares. We all live in our own different worlds. Really, it’s just that sometimes we get caught up in trying to be involved in other people’s worlds. That is when we become followers. Lets be real, we all have a different mindset on things, our mind is somewhere else… Don’t push it away, or try to deal with it.          Accept it.

Sadly, due to unfortunate circumstances, I have to retire this site. I’m poor dude! I need to eat first before I start all building all these ideas. Hopefully this blog was a beam of hope that there are people out there that still dream. Remember, this was made for all those people who don’t get a chance. The ones that still try to hang on to their fantasies, even when everything is caving in around them.

Who knows, maybe I spoke too soon and led people on. Big thanks goes out to the anonymous person who has “patiently been waiting to see whats next.” Nice to see that we’ve been on people’s minds. We’ll be back. Maybe even sooner than we think. But till then, be real. With everyone and with yourselves.



I Used To Love H.E.R. / Gallery Bar

Downtown McAllen, of course has its ups and downs. Some people enjoy it, others despise it.

But either or, 17th Street has had a tremendous impact on the Valley. A lot of opportunity exists, lets take advantage.

For some, the entertainment district lacks diversity. So when you find a gem like downtown’s Gallery Bar, you have to spread the word. When you walk in, you automatically feel the presence of a different scene.

 Me, Joey and Rez enjoyed it so much that we spent the whole weekend at the bar.

Yea we had been here before, and I know some of yall are probably regulars, but what really got us was the hospitality that A.C., the bartender showed us.

Besides that, the music dude!! lol. A.C. was blarin some good ol’ blues the first time we walked in this weekend. And to finish off the weekend, we had the privilege of witnessing some great musicians. Playing everything from the blues, country, punk rock, these guys had the bar going insane.

We ran into a lot of people we knew from the past. Our old-time friend “Pipe”, was beasting on the drums just like he always has.

And like I said man, the bar is so chill, such a good place to hang out and meet some interesting people.

A.C. is such a Bad Ass, the dude didn’t rush us to finish our beers. No, he actually closed the doors, brought out another round for me and the boys, and continued our conversation like we were all old friends!

 Heres to you brother.


I Hear Yall

It’s not a real life post, but F it.

I forget how much this song relates to our lives… Been away for a while mannnnn. Can’t leave the game alone, it needs us.

I’m talkin out my ass dude. lol. Can I LIVE??????


One More For The Road


It can come from anything, anywhere. There was no way in the world I would be able to put it all on here…

I got lazy thinking. lol. Here a few.

iggipop_1970.jpg iggy pop image by Victoria090706

c3e2b356.jpg A Tribe Called Quest image by waterking1989

kw6.jpg kANYE wEST GQ image by luvva81

American fashion icon Ralph Lauren working in his office --1971.

johnny cash folsom prison

Johnny Cash finger


Feeling Swell

Don’t worry, still playing the best music.


Some Time Off

Been gone for a while… Good time to get back to the small things. It’s been relaxing and stressful at the same time man, if that’s possible.

First heard these two songs on a mix from Joey, been on repeat on those back road drives.